In 2011, in a critical period from an economic-social point of view, was born in Turin S.I.V.I.T. Srl, a small company formed by professionals in the sector rich in years of experience in the world of valves for uses in the field of Oil & Gas, naval, chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical.

The ambitious choice of the members was to invest their experience and knowledge in the design and development of butterfly valves increasingly performing and suitable for every field of application. going to cover a niche sector.

Thanks to the investments in the field of quality, S.I.V.I.T. has been able over the years to obtain all the necessary qualifications to make it grow both nationally and internationally.

Enthusiasm, innovation, and attention to detail are the objectives that have allowed our team to develop in these 10 years an increasingly articulated portfolio of certifications and technical improvements that range from certifications (Firesafe, TR CU 12, etc) and specific technical drawings for each order.


In our tenth year of activity we will continue to invest in design in order to obtain an increasingly performing product.

Over the years we have worked to build a connection with the territory, trying to promote its development and to draw from it stimuli and opportunities for growth. For this reason, S.I.V.I.T. produces 100% Made in Italy valves.

PHOTOS FROM 2011 TO 2017

PHOTOS FROM 2018 TO 2020

"Quality is meeting the needs of the customer and exceeding his own expectations while continuing to improve."
- William Edwards Deming

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