S.I.V.I.T. subjects all its products (also those marketed on  request) to internal tests using equipment such as:

  • The “Italcontrol” test bench certified as suitable to test valves up to
    class 900 depending on the diameter
  • “Hexagon” measuring arm by which it is possible to measure the various
    parts of the valve to an accuracy of millimetre hundredths and with the CAD program used we are
    able to work on valve spare parts which are no longer in production
    thanks to reverse engineering
  • Laser marking machine which we use to mark all the details
    of the valves, detailing the drawing number, type of material, casting, etc.

The equipment listed above enables us to comply completely with the reference norms given by the PED. On request we subject our products to even more stringent tests  (e.g. Fire safe) than those required by standard norms, after a feasibility  study, in order to satisfy the client’s requests.

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