TR CU 012 & TR CU 032 Certifications

S.I.V.I.T. Srl have abotainted TR CU 012 & TR CU 032 Certifications.


The EX EAC certificate and the regulation for equipment used in potentially explosive atmosphere, therefore classified explosion proof, is based on the Technical Regulations 012/2011 of the Eurasian Customs Union (TR CU 012/2011), one of the EAC Technical Regulations in force since 2012.

The Custom Union Technical Regulations regulate the quality of the product on the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The certificate resulting from the compliance with the provisions of the TR CU 012/2011 is the EX EAC certificate, comparable to European ATEX.

The regulation sets the safety standards for devices and equipment used running in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The TR CU 032, also known as Technical Regulations of the Customs Union on safety of equipment working under pressure,  is responsible for specification for vessels for gases, liquefied gases dissolved under pressure and vapors. Specifications are set for a ratio of maximum allowable operating pressure to volume.

Conformity certificate covers equipment and its components designed to be accommodated on the equipment and to withstand the pressure.

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